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Cassiano Group meets all your needs, providing a wide range of products, approved and certified for marine use. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you with your requests.

Fire Fighting

Firefighting cabinets
Accessories for firefighting cabinets
Hydrant kit boxes
Firefighting hoses
STORZ approved items
Firefighting nozzles
Accessories for hydrants
Firefighting pump units
Accessories for firefighting pump units
Hydrant network accessories
Foam apparatus

Fire protection

Fire protection devices
Powder portable extinguishers MED
Water portable extinguishers MED
CO2 portable extinguishers MED
Wheeled extinguishers UNI EN 1866 MED 2014/90/EU approved
Fire blanket
Accessories for personal protection
Brackets and accessories

Signage and Rescue

Life jackets
Accessories for jackets
Safety harness
Distress signals
Life rafts
Rafts accessories
Light buoys
Man Overboard Signal
EPIRB (Emergency position-indicating radiobeacon)

Marine Fire Dampers

Marine Fire Damper A60
Marine Fire Air Shield
Shut Off Damper
Marine Mist Eliminator
Water mist filter system
Brackets and accessories


Pipe and hose fittings
Fixed and revolving reductions
Simple dividers and dividers with sliders
UNI fittings
UNI-STORZ dividers
STORZ fittings
BS fittings
AFNOR fittings
NFPA fittings


PPE/ head protection: helmets
PPE/ Eye protection
PPE/ Welding masks
PPE/ Breathing tract protection
PPE/ Hearing protection
PPE/ Hand protection
PPE/ Fall prevention
Breathing apparatus and masks
Clothing and footwear
High visibility
Single use clothing
Technical clothing: AIB and Industrial fire protection
Work footwear

First Aid

DM 388 Series (attachment 1)
DM 388 Series (attachment 2)
DPP25 Series (attachment 3)
DM 388 Series replenishments packet
Ocular first aid

Cabinets and spills

Cabinets for inflammable liquids
Cabinets for chemical liquids
Cabinets for chemical liquids: Acids and Bases
Cabinets for compressed gases
Absorbing powders
Sulfuric acid neutralizer
Absorbency line for universal spills